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This a SCPgame about  MTF-Gamma 13 "The Assimov Lawbringers", involving the recovery of robots from an paratech company called "Anderson Robotics" but what appeared to be a basic recovery task, quickly escalated to something bigger. Set in brazil for reasons  that you will find out why during the consecutive events of  game, We bring variants of SCP-1360 , Merlin series, GOI-006-001 "Nobody" and some other that are almost Keter class : I´ts mean that they cannot be locked easy in a containment.

In this first chapter, you'll need to deal with lack of ammo, low visibility , constant awareness of danger, wise use of energy and some few puzzles. Plan your moves to make sure you can complete the journey.

Walk slow to enchance the chances of hearing something. Walk crouched to increase your stealth ability. 

This game support english & portuguese languages . i trying to complete the german translating , i really apreciate to know if anyone is interested.

Minimum Requirements: 

Celeron dual core 1.5Ghz , 2GB-DDR3  of ram and a Intel HD 4000.

* For linux : must have vulkan hardware, well ... you can run  with opengl 1.4 (-opengl4) but expect some small glitches on the lights. 

Recommended Requirements : 

GTX 1030 , Ryzen 5 and 8Gb of Ram will do the work.

Please feel free to contact us at contato@vrphantom.com

Yes, it´s a DRM-Free game. 


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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SCP Chronicles - Windows X64.part1.rar 1,000 MB

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